What confident people don’t do

What confident people don’t do

Do you want to find out what confident people don’t do?

Confident people believe in their abilities and let this believe drive them to their goals. After all, how someone else can believe in you if you don’t do it yourself?  Would you put your faith in someone who has no confidence in himself?

To boost your self-confidence, watch out these tips from highly confident people.

1. Don’t make excuses

Confident people don’t make excuses, they assume control of their thoughts and actions. They don’t blame others or situations. They don’t say: “I don’t have time”, they make time; you won’t hear from a confident person: “I’m not good enough”, they keep improving until they are good enough.

2. They don’t live in the comfort zone

Confident people don’t live in a bubble of comfort, they don’t let the fear stop them doing the things that they know need to do in order to evolve into the person they want to be, even if those things scare them. Confident people pursue a feeling of discomfort because they know that stretching themselves is required for their success.

3. They don’t put things off for later.

Nor tomorrow or next week. Confident people don’t wait for the “right time” or the “right circumstances”. They step in here and now because is there where progress takes place.

4. They pass no marks on others opinions and don’t judge others either.

Confident people don’t get obsessed over other opinions. They do their best and don’t get caught on negative feedback. People with self-confidence know that their true friends accept them as they are. They don’t concern themselves with the rest.  At the same time, they don’t judge people. There is no need to look down at other people.

Can you think of any other thing that confident people don’t do? Leave your comments below

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