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    For parents who themselves put a high degree of importance on fashion trends, following fashion trends in children’s clothing seems a natural extension. Fortunately, modern clothing designers have anticipated this need, and virtually any fashion look possible in an adult wardrobe can be duplicated in miniature for a cute parent/child matching set, or simply to allow for choices that both the parent and child find appealing.

    Modern trends are favouring saturated earth tones over pastels or neons, such as olive green, navy blue, or burgundy for both boys clothing and girls. Similarly, heavier fabrics such as tweed, corduroy, and denim are making a comeback, providing both warmth and durability. This is a plus for families with multiple children, as durable clothes will keep better to be handed down to a younger child as the elder outgrows them.

    As always, hooded sweatshirts and jeans remain ever popular, providing a comfortable look that works well for school or after school play time. For a more finished look, layering tops or adding cute accessories is a fun way to bring a child’s outfit from basic to fantastic.

    Bold patterns are dominating the market as well, with swirls, hearts and flowers a fashionable look for girls, while camouflage remains a popular choice for young men. From a parent’s perspective, the popularity of patterns such as camouflage have an added bonus, in that spills and stains are less visible than they would be in solids, and they useful life of the garment is preserved.

    Whatever fashion trends you follow, the most important aspects of children’s fashions remains comfort, warmth, and practicality. The most beautiful outfit in the world is useless if a child can’t play in it, and no little girl should be sent to school in boots that, however cute, keep her from climbing the monkey bars or playing soccer. Above all, it must be remembered that children are far more than little mannequins to be dressed in the seasons hottest looks, they are children, and as such, need to be given the opportunity to run, climb, play, and get dirty.

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