Best interview practices

Best interview practices

Interviewing etiquette

Putting your best foot forward in an interview can mean the difference between landing that dream job or heading back to the job boards.

Use the etiquette tips below to ensure you are making the best first impression possible at your interview. For more inspiration, visit our boards in Pinterest.


Before you head into the interview there are few preparatory steps to take;

  1. Research
    Become familiar with the company and person you are interviewing with. This will ensure there is never a lull in the conversation.
  2. Resume
    Organise your resume and other materials you are taking with you
  3. Silence
    Merely placing your mobile phone on vibrate is not enough, turn your phone off before the interview.
  4. On-time
    Give yourself an extra 20 minutes. Be conscious of potential traffic. Whatever you do, do not be late.

The interview

Acting your first job interview takes a combination of great preparation and excellent interviewing skills.

  1. A firm Shake
    Wait for your interviewer to initiate the handshake. Make sure your grip is firm but not crushing,
  2. Chatterbox
    Although it is important to be conversational in your interview, you should not be having a one-sided conversation.
  3. Body posture
    Do not slouch or cross your legs. Body language is crucial in an interview, so maintain good posture.
  4. Smile
    Smile even if you are nervous. You want to remain approachable and not seem stern.
  5. Be polite
    Remember your manners. Use the magic words “please” and “thank you” frequently.
  6. Money first
    Do not begin the interview by asking about the job’s financial particulars. Wait until the end of halfway through the interview.
  7. No gum
    Do not chew gum, candy or mints during your interview
  8. The name game
    Use only the name the interviewer uses to introduce themselves.


How to behave after is as important as the actual interview.

Thank you note

Always send a thank you note after your interview. The format of the note may depend on the type of company you interviewed with, but handwritten is always the best.

Do not tweet

No matter how badly you may want to update your social media status, do not share details of your interview on the internet. Your interviewer may be checking up on you online.

Did you find this tips useful?

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