Become a member in Network Personnel website

Become a member in Network Personnel website

Our website is full of new functionalities. We have implemented in a member’s section in which you can edit your profile, add your CV, join groups, send messages to the advisers and much more!

Member section

Are you a member yet? If not go and register to Network Personnel’s website. You will have loads of extra tips and content tailored for people who are in our programmes, like Steps2Success.


Register form Steps2SuccessFill the form with your details and remember to tick Steps 2 Success only if you are part of this programme.

You will receive an email with the confirmation.

Now you can log onto the website.


Once you are a member, you will find on the top menu, new options.

Go to Notifications to find out what is happening. There you can read your messages, change your profile settings.



Say something! Say hello, share a thought.


Join the groups you share interests with. Are you part of the Steps 2 Success programme? Join the group.

See all the groups available here.


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