Your job Interview: prepare for it!

Your job Interview: prepare for it!

Do you want to get that Job?

If you are well prepared and ready for an interview you will have a better chance of getting the job. You won’t be as nervous and you won’t get confused if they ask you an unexpected or difficult question.

We have talked before about the importance of being prepared for that important job interview, now we want to tell you HOW!

First of all, set your mind with this thought: “I’m going to impress my prospective employer!”

Great! Now follow these tips to get prepared for a job interview.

Are you ready?

1. Research the organisation

Who, what, where? You have an appointment for an interview and definitely you don’t want to be there with your mind blank. You want to be there positive and with confidence.

Google them. Visit the company’s website. There is almost always an “About us” section. Find more information about the company, the history, their vision and values.
Look in their website for anything that help you understand about them. You want to know what do they do and what they are looking for, so you can realise if you can be what they want.

You also will be able to find key topics that you could use in the question section after your interview.

2. Understand their products or services

Browse the website of your interviewer’s company and check what they have to offer to their customers. What sort of clients do they have? Read about their services and/or products. This will help you to better understand the company and the role you would have if they offer you the job.

3. Search for news about them

Is someone talking about that company? Do they have positive reviews? Perhaps they have launched a new product or they won a prize!

To succeed in that job interview and get the job you have to focus on what you want. Feel like part of the team as you WANT to be part of it! Am I wrong? So if the company has something exciting in the news you could congratulate them.  This is a great way to show them you want to get the job!

4. Look for interviewer’s background

I’m not telling you to go and stalk the interviewers! Just go to the company’s website and look for business related information about them. LinkedIn is also a good place to look. Try to find out the interviewers job position, how long have they been in the company and if they got promoted. Maybe you share interests or you are members of the same volunteering organisation. You’d be surprised!

5. Understand the job description

Before you go to the job interview, make sure you know what is the job about. Research what the job position’s general functions are and see if there is other people with the same role in the organisation.  Learn about the job titles and their functions.

We hope this tips will be useful in preparing you for your interview.

Have you done your homework yet? Good Luck! 

Tell us how was your job interview!

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