Video: Improve your answers in the job interview

Video: Improve your answers in the job interview

This video presents in a funny way the good and bad answers to job interview questions.

Improve your answers in the job interview.

The interview begins at the moment you walk through the door

First impression is crucial for the outcome of the interview. Get in ready to face the challenge of an interview and know that you do just fine.

Questions you might be asked during your job interview

1. Tell me about you

With this question, the hire manager is trying to get a good sense of personality and attitude.

Remember your successes when you are in an interview

 2. What could you say are your good qualities?

Before answer that question, say to yourself “I’m worthy because….”

Believe in your better qualities, when you focus in remember your initiatives and contributions you are reflecting exactly that. It comes across in your tone of voice, your behaviour and general approach.

3. How much do you see yourself earning per annum?

You should research how much is the average for that position. If you have more experience you can ask for more

As David said: “I believe 60 thousand a year would be fair. It’d be nice if in the future room for further consideration but now, I think, it’s fair.”

When you name a fair amount with your sense of worth your turn in confidence and fix the interview

4. Describe your weaknesses

When you are aware of your own value and confident professionally you are not afraid of tell anybody about your weakness.

In the video, the woman came across more powerful by talking about mishandling the situation. Projecting that she was confident, able to see fault and correct it, and trustworthy.

5. Why did you left your previous workplace?

You don’t want to walk into an interview and be negative about your boss and the situation you were in. You can explain instead why you left the job from a positive perspective.

6. What did you like the most about your previous position?

When you can identify the factors that give you job satisfaction, as well as the factors that were unpleasant for you, you can determine if this is the right job for you. People perform best when they are doing something they enjoy.

The video also showed some tips for interviewers.

The interviewer was in the phone for a while and he didn’t event apologise

He is cold. He’s distant and gave me the impression that he already knew all there is to know about me.

A friendly interviewer create a positive atmosphere. However, no matter their attitude, treat your interviewer earnestly, confidently and respectfully.

Have you used any of David’s answers?

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