9 ways to hack your brain

9 ways to hack your brain

Hack your brain into…


Looking to lose a few pounds? It’s hard work, especially sticking to that new diet! Research shows that your sense of smell can be key in curbing those cravings. By sniffing at peppermint or grapefruit oils or shaking a powder on your dinner which enhances its smell, which is the idea behind Sensa a popular diet aid, the enhanced smell of food releases hormones that suppress appetite.  More research needs to be made in this area.


Multi-tasking is great especially if you have a hectic life then it is essential but  it also becomes more difficult to focus solely on one task. By leaving all technology behind for a day, it can make it easier to focus on one task without distractions. Even taking small breaks from all tech throughout the day can further help you in focusing better. Your anxiety levels can also lessen due to not jumping to every alarm or ping that results from your phone or twitter app. Also, there is evidence that multitasking can increase the level of errors and can lessen efficiency.


Everyone gets the urge to take a small afternoon nap usually the answer for most people is a shot of caffeine… but a quick brisk walk around the corner can give the brain the same effect. 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise can raise your heart rate which allows your blood to deliver more oxygen to the brain which is important for your brain being in tip top condition.


We all know that the most difficult part of exercising is just getting the motivation to get out the door and begin our workout. Simply tell yourself that you can quit after 15 minutes, sports psychologists recommend this clever trick as there is a high chance that once you’ve begun your run, aerobics or any other fitness routine, you will be motivated to go the distance and if not you’ve still completed
15 minutes of exercise. Win win.


So you’re at a party and are being introduced to different people, the problem is you’ve instantly forgotten their name as soon as they’ve said it. It happens to anyone and can be embarrassing. There is a way to help trick your brain into remembering the names  of new people and it’s very simple. After being introduced to a new person repeat their name back to them such as, “Nice to meet you (name)” and repeat their name in your mind throughout the subsequent conversation. Repetition is key in helping you remember anything and helps you pay attention. It’s akin to writing down a word 10 times in primary school when you were learning to spell.


It’s hard to get your brain to relax sometimes, there are just so many things to think about. A simple trick to calming your thoughts is a simple breathing exercise. By concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation of air slowly from your lungs, random thoughts cease to clamber over each other  as you concentrate on your breathing. Your brain will still try to interrupt you but just return to the breathing exercise to keep those erratic thoughts at bay.


Always forgetting where you left your keys or mobile phone? By creating “memory places”  for all the little things you waste time searching for again and again you condition your brain int0 leaving them in designated places, such as a hook or bowl by the door for your keys or a special pocket in your purse for your phone so your brain doesn’t have to think about them ever again.


When exam time rolls around the best way to remember all those colourful notes  is to sleep! Sleep helps connect your memories and sleep helps your new memories cement in your mind allowing you to recall them easier. So instead of staying up for an all-night study session in a caffeine-induced haze sleep on it, get a good night rest and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle that exam.


If you’re suffering from chronic or temporary pains sometimes painkillers don’t work as well as they should then there is a way to trick your brain into believing that you are in less pain than you actually are. It’s a simple idea. Sit with your eyes closed and go to your happy place. It sounds silly, but it works! Imagine something beautiful or a memory that makes you the happiest call-up smells and sounds that you associate with that specific memory. You will distract your brain from the pain that you feel and you will reduce your stress hormone levels which can also help lessen the pain that you feel.
I hope these hacks are helpful. If you can think of any other brain hacks let us know. Comment and let us know if these were helpful.


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